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3,5 % +VAT


By storing your vehicle at our site

4,5 % + VAT

The brokerage fee includes the following:


  • personal consultation advice
  •  checking service history
  • market price determination
  •  creating a professional ad
  • serving customer requests
  •  organising a service or mobile-on-site condition assessment
  • price negotiation
  •  offset of the vehicle – setting the best price
  •  intermediary of favorable financing opportunities
  •  independent insurance mediation
  •  vehicle technical warranty mediation
  •  contracting
  •  vehicle handover

By storing your vehicle at our company site:

  • Frequented car sales location.
  •  In the neighbourhood of MARSO, it is available almost immediately by serving condition assessments and other customer needs.
  • The chances of selling increase because your vehicle can be viewed – even from a technical point of view – at our site at any time.

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